Excluding Visits

There might be times where traffic from specific visitors, like your own or your team’s visits, might need to be excluded from your results. Traffic can be excluded using the Blocking option.

The Blocking option uses IP addresses to exclude traffic. Visits that matches the IP address in the Blocking list will be excluded automatically.

How to exclude visitors
Click Options under Snapshots from the left navigation.

Enter the IP address(es) you'd like to exclude.

Click Update settings to save.

Customize Blocking
There are two options for entering IP addresses to be excluded. Selecting the correct option is simple. Ask yourself, do you want to exclude a specific IP address for all your snapshots? If you answered yes, then enter the IP address in the Global list. Otherwise, locate the specific snapshot(s) you’d like to exclude from and enter the the desired IP address.

Note: Only future traffic will be excluded, adding an IP address will not effect results already collected.

Global Level Blocking
Exclude at the Global level if you want to exclude visits to current and future Snapshots. This is the most commonly used option.

Snapshot Level Blocking
Exclude at the Snapshot level if you want to exclude visits to only specific snapshots.

Once you’ve decided on which Blocking option you’d like to use, there are 3 options for entering IP addresses.

Note: Currently only IPv4 is supported.

Single IP Address
Enter individual IP addresses you’d like excluded. This is the most commonly used method of entering IP addresses.

Wildcard IP Address
This option is helpful if your IP addresses have some type of pattern but are not in consecutive order. You can enter the IP address and replace the section of the IP address that changes with an asterisk (*).

Example: 127.0.*.1

Range IP Address
Using the range option makes excluding a large set of IP addresses that are in consecutive order easy. This saves you the trouble of entering each IP address or adding multiple wildcard IP addresses.

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