Subscription Plan Options


Crazy Egg offers four main Snapshot subscription plans: Pro, Plus, Standard and Basic.  Premium plans are also offered if more visits are needed. 

For more information about our Pro, Plus, Standard and Basic plans, visit our Pricing page. 

For sites with higher traffic you can upgrade to our Premium plans.

Note: A Snapshot is defined as a page that you want to track.

A full list of our Premium plans are below, please contact us to upgrade to these plans.

500,000     Page Views per month / 200 Pages (Snapshots) - $189 per month
1,000,000   Page Views per month / 250 Pages (Snapshots) - $349 per month
2,000,000  Page Views per month / 300 Pages (Snapshots) - $649 per month
4,000,000  Page Views per month / 350 Pages (Snapshots) - $1229 per month
5,000,000  Page Views per month / 400 Pages (Snapshots) - $1499 per month
7,000,000   Page Views per month / 450 Pages (Snapshots) - $1999 per month
10,000,000 Page Views per month / 500 Pages (Snapshots) - $2499 per month

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