WordPress Installation

To install Crazy Egg in WordPress follow these steps.

1. Start by logging into your WordPress account and navigating to your dashboard. 

2. Click on "Plugin" along the left hand side.  In the submenu that appears click on "Add New".  Type 'crazyegg' in the keyword search field (top right hand corner) and hit enter.  Once you have done the search, results will show below.  Locate Crazyegg Heatmap Tracking.  Click "Install Now".

3. Click on "Activate Plugin".

4. Along the left hand side menu, locate "Settings" and click on "Crazyegg Heatmap Tracking" under the submenu.  Place the Crazy Egg account number you have in the Account Number field.  Click "Save".

Note: You will find your Crazy Egg code by logging into your Crazy Egg account, clicking on "My Code" located on the left hand side in the blue menu.  A new window will appear like the one below - look for the line that is highlighted.

6. Congratulations.  You have now installed Crazy Egg on your WordPress website.

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