CE2 functions

The Crazy Egg tracking script provides a few utility functions that you can employ to help you implement custom tracking behaviors.

element: A DOM element

Returns an object describing the size and absolute position of element. Example:
{left: 353, top: 1114, width: 426, height: 36}

CE2.listen(target, event, function)
target: A DOM element
event: Name of the event to listen for, e.g. “click”, “keyup”, “load”, etc.
function: The function to call when the event occurs

This is a very simple method of registering event handlers. Unlike a full-featured Javascript framework, this function passes only native event objects to the hander. Do not expect your event handlers to receive wrapped, normalized event objects. Use a full-featured Javascript framework if you require that feature. This function should suffice, however, if all you want to do is pass the event object to CE2.click.

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