Snapshots for A/B tested pages

Heatmapping variants of an A/B test is a great way to gain valuable insight. Setting up snapshots for A/B tests require that you have direct URLs for each variant and use Track by Name.

Direct Variant URLs
Direct URLs for each variant is required, this is the url where the variant can be accessed outside the test. The direct URL is not the URL where the variant is served to visitors. Below is an example to help clarify this point.

URL of the A/B test:

Variant URLs:

In this example, the A/B test is of the pricing page. A control page and 3 variants are being served from the pricing URL. The control page and the variants can be reached directly using the variant URLs.

Direct URLs allow our screenshot system to visit the page and capture a screenshot outside of the test. This allows us to capture the correct screenshot for each snapshot.

Track by Name
Snapshots track using the URL by default, but this is not ideal with A/B tests since multiple pages can be served from the same URL. Track by Name allows you to track a page using a Track by Name code instead of the URL, this makes it ideal for A/B tests.

More information about Track by Name

Snapshot Setup
A snapshot must be added for each variant you'd like to track.

  1. Add a new snapshot using the direct variant URL
  2. Set the snapshot to Track by Name under Advanced Options
  3. The Track by Name code that is presented will need to be installed on the variant page

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