How to Exclude Elements from being Tracked

You can tell Crazy Egg to ignore certain elements with the CSS class -ce-ignore. Simply assign this class to an element and our script will not track clicks on it or its contents:

<p class="-ce-ignore">
Neither <em>this</em> paragraph,
nor its <a href="a">child</a>
<a href="b">elements</a>, will be
<a href="c">tracked</a>.
If your element already has a class attribute, you can just add  -ce-ignore as an additional CSS class:
<div class="sidebar -ce-ignore">
You can also mark elements as ignored via Javascript:
function CE_READY() {
var el = document.getElementById('ignore-me');

Caution: There is a risk of creating duplicate click data when you are implementing your own tracking behavior. Two clicks could be tracked for each real click from a visitor: one by your custom code and another by the default Crazy Egg click handler.

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