When to Use Delay Timer

Delay Timer is a special feature within Crazy Egg.  When creating a Snapshot, our automated system will navigate to the intended page and will capture a screenshot of the page that you want to track. This screenshot is what will be used in your Snapshot reports to overlay the collected data. By default, the screenshot will be captured roughly 20 seconds after the initial page load event. 

However, on occasion, your site may load some content after this point, such as forms, images, etc. One example, in particular, is Pop-Ups.  In these cases, you will want to use the Delay Timer to postpone the screen capture until the content of the entire page is loaded. 

Delay Timer does not affect tracking your visitors, clicks, or scrolls.  You cannot delay the tracking of these components.  This merely delays the first time we go out and take a digital image of your website so that it has all the elements you want to be loaded.

Using Delay Timer - Step by Step

Here is a recommended process to help you get started.


The Delay Timer can be accessed in the Snapshot editing menu, either when first creating a Snapshot or after by using the gear icon next to every Snapshot.


Next, click on the Show More Settings link.


Select Wait and define a number of seconds the system to wait to capture the screenshot of your page.


That is all.  You can click the Next button if that is the only change you are marking.  

Once this is completed, the Snapshot will be created and our automated system will navigate to the intended tracked page and will wait the number of seconds you've defined to capture the screenshot of the page. 

Note: If you are using the Delay Timer on a Snapshot that has already been created, you will need to use the  Refresh Snapshot option in your dashboard to recapture the Snapshot image.

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