Capture Snapshots Manually Using Page Camera

Creating a new Snapshot is generally a straightforward process. You enter the URL and we take care of the rest. However, there are times when we are unable to visit a page to capture the screenshot, such as when a page you want to track is behind a firewall, a login, a checkout page, or even a dynamic URL.

Page Camera is our Google Chrome extension that allows you capture a screenshot of your site using your local computer and then upload it directly to Crazy Egg for use with your Snapshot. It’s that easy.

Let's take a look at an example of when you'd need to use Page Camera and how to create a Snapshot using this tool.  Say you want to track how interactions with your dashboard are happening.

Normally when you enter a URL to track, Crazy Egg will navigate to the URL and capture a screenshot to be used in the Snapshot. In the case of our example, the URL of the dashboard is dynamic and will only be seen by visitors who are logged in, so you'll need to use Page Camera.

1. Navigate to the page you'd like to track via the Google Chrome browser.

2. Take any action needed to access the page; this might include logging in, adding an item to the cart, or scrolling to fully load the content of your page.

3. Once the page is pulled up, click on the Page Camera extension icon located at the top right of the browser.

4. Select the type of device you want the image to be captured with. By default, Page Camera will capture the page from the perspective of a desktop visitor, but this can be changed to Tablet or Mobile. Clicking Capture will start the process of Page Camera scanning your page to create the screenshot.

Note: Do not navigate away from the page or change tabs while Page Camera is capturing the screenshot.

5. You will be asked to review the screenshot. At this point, scroll through the screenshot that Page Camera has created to make sure all the content is showing as intended. Once reviewed, clicking Continue will take you to your Crazy Egg account to complete the process.

Note:  You may be asked to log in to Crazy Egg if you have not done so already.

6. The Snapshot URL and Snapshot Name will automatically be filled out for you. Confirm that all of the settings are correct. Once you're ready, click on *Next.*

7. On the Review screen, click on *Create 1 Snapshot.*

Congratulations! You have just made your first Snapshots. 

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