Capture Snapshots Manually Using Page Camera

Creating a new Snapshot is generally a straightforward process. You enter the URL and we take care of the rest. However, there are times when will not work and you would need to use our Page Camera extension.  These times include creating a Snapshot for pages found behind a login, or a checkout page, or a shopping cart, or even a dynamic URL.

Page Camera is our Chrome-based extension that allows you to capture a screenshot of your web page while you are viewing the page in your browser. It’s that easy. 

Page Camera is now available for use with chromium-based browsersMicrosoft Edge, Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi, to name a few.  You will need the latest version of your favorite browser for this to work.  

Using Page Camera - Step by Step

Here is a recommended process to help you get started.  

Be sure you are logged into your Crazy Egg account before using Page Camera.


Navigate to the page you would like to track in any of the supported browsers.  

Take any action needed to access the page; this might include logging in, adding an item to the cart, or scrolling to fully load the content of your page.


Once the page has fully loaded, click on the Page Camera extension icon located at the top right-handish corner of your browser.


Select the type of device you want the image to be captured with. By default, Page Camera will capture the page from the perspective of a desktop visitor, but this can be changed to Tablet or Mobile.


Clicking Capture will start the process of Page Camera scanning your page to create the screenshot.

Do not navigate away from the page or change tabs while Page Camera is capturing the screenshot.


You will be asked to review the screenshot. At this point, scroll through the screenshot that Page Camera has created to make sure all the content is showing as intended.


Once reviewed, click Continue. 


If your mobile visitor volume is less than 10% of your overall visitor traffic to this page, you will want to track traffic from all three device types.  Otherwise, chose desktop visitors only.        

Be careful when creating a second Snapshot for the same page using Page Camera. It is possible that you might create a Multiple Snapshot error if you overlap the device type visitor tracking between multiple Snapshots tracking the same page.


By default, the Start and End Duration settings are set for you.  A snapshot will start tracking immediately.  A snapshot will stop tracking after 60 days OR when it has tracked 25,000 visits. 

For more information on changing these settings, please visit How to Set the Duration of your Snapshot.


At this point, you can click on the  Next button in the bottom right-hand corner. By default, we track every visit to the page and do not block pop-ups. 

For more information on changing these settings, or learning more about Advanced Tracking Options please visit our Advanced Options section.


Click on Create # Snapshots button in the bottom right-hand corner.          


Congratulations!  You have created your snapshots.  Now click on Return to Dashboard.          

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