Snapshots: Overlay Report

Welcome to your Overlay Report! 

When you create a Snapshot, you have access to five different data reports. The Overlay report displays the specific elements on your page that have received clicks, demonstrated with plus (+) markers. Markers that are colored red are elements that are more popular and have received more clicks than markers that are colored blue.*

Hovering over the marker will display the name of the element, the number of clicks the element has received, and also outline the element's position on the page. Clicking on a marker will reveal additional click information about the element. If you would like to experiment with an Overlay Report while you wait for yours to populate, check out our demo.

Overlay Report Views

There are three views for the Overlay report: Live, Other, and Both - the default view is the Live view.

  • Clicks on live elements will show up in Live view. Links, buttons, text fields, etc. are all considered live elements. 
  • The Other view displays clicks on non-live elements like paragraphs, divs, spans, etc. - any element that does not result in an action when clicked. Markers for the Other view will always be colored with a shade of grey.
  • Choosing Both shows the Live and Other elements at the same time.

*Red and blue marker colors are only used for the Live view.
*Grey markers are only used in the Other view.

How Can I Use the Overlay Report?

The Overlay Report lets you drill down on the exact clicks on every single element of your page. You can see what areas are non-clickable but are still attracting clicks (in which case you might want to add in a link), and what Live elements are the most popular along with what messaging works best. 

For example, say that you have a company blog where you also advertise your product. You could use the Overlay Report to find what sentences in what articles are getting clicks and then add in links to your product there.  

Additional Reports

If you'd like to see a detailed report on every single click, check out the  List Report. The best part is that you can use the List Report with the Overlay Report to gain a better understanding of which elements correspond to specific markers in the Overlay Report.
In addition to the List Report and the Overlay Report, you also have access to three other reports: Heatmap, Scrollmap, and Confetti. Click through to each report to learn more or check out our quick start guide to get an overview.

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