Snapshots: Confetti Report

Welcome to your Confetti Report! 

When you create a Snapshot, you have access to five different data reports. The Confetti Report displays every individual click on your website along with metrics that help you drill down into specifics. The colorful confetti dots each represent a click on the page and the colors change based on the selected metric in the legend. If you would like to experiment with a Confetti Report while waiting for yours to populate, check out our demo

How to Use a Confetti Report

This is one of the most powerful reports for learning about your website visitors. 

Clicks can be hidden from the report by unchecking one or multiple lines in the legend. The legend displays the top 14 results from the highest to the lowest amount of clicks. Any clicks that do not fall in the top 14 are grouped together and displayed as Other.

Note: Every click on the page is captured and reported and since we don't capture unique visits, this means that a single visitor could click on the page multiple times and each of these clicks will be reported separately. 


1. How is the Confetti Report generated?

This report is generated based on the actual clicks of your visitors. You can gain insight into how visitors are engaging with your website, where they come from, and if there are any trends in the types of visitors your website is receiving.

2. What can I use the Confetti Report to do?

The main value of a Confetti is to get more granular details about your website audience. You can check details like what search terms brought visitors to your site, how your marketing campaigns are performing, and what days of the week your website is the most popular. 

For example, let’s say you want to increase the number of people who sign up for a product trial.  

Using the Confetti Report, you can see which traffic sources are creating the highest number of clicks on your forms. From here, you can optimise your ad spend ROI by creating unique experience based on the paid ad sources visitors are coming from. 

3. Can I export my report?

Indeed you can! Here's how to  export your Confetti Report data.

Additional Reports

If you'd like to learn more about how far people are scrolling down your page, you can check out the  Scrollmap Report. In addition to the Confetti Report and the Scrollmap Report, you also have access to three other reports: HeatmapOverlay, and List. Click through to each report to learn more or check out our quick start guide to get an overview.

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