Understanding Your Snapshot Status

After you create a Snapshot of a web page, Crazy Egg will begin the process of collecting data on your website visitors. Follow the progress of the data collection by checking your Snapshot status in your Snapshot Dashboard. 

here are five Snapshot statuses in Crazy Egg: Pending, Scheduled, Running, Completed, and Action Required.

  1. Pending - This status displays when a Snapshot has just been created. It continues to display as we capture a screenshot of your web page and build a manifest of elements. 
    1. Note: The Pending status will only change to Running once at least 1 visitor has gone to the page you are tracking using the device type you specified while setting up the Snapshot. Click here to learn more about the Pending status.
  2. Scheduled - This status displays when a Snapshot is scheduled to start at a later date/time. On the scheduled date and time, the Snapshot status will automatically change to Running.
  3. Running - This status displays when a Snapshot is currently in an active state and collecting data on your website visitors.
  4. Completed - This status displays when a Snapshot is no longer tracking your visitor data because the end date/visits limit was reached or the Snapshot was manually stopped.
  5. Error - This status displays when there was an error capturing the screenshot of your web page. You can try to recapture the image by selecting Refresh this Snapshot in the dropdown menu that appears after you click the gear symbol. If the page is not publicly accessible, then you can use our Google Chrome extension Page Camera to upload the image.

Note: If the Crazy Egg tracking script has not been installed correctly, your Snapshot will not collect data. We recommend verifying your script installation if you do not see any data collected after 24 hours.

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