Understanding Your Snapshot Status

There are five Snapshot statuses: Pending, Scheduled, Running, Completed, and Action Required.

Pending - This status displays when a Snapshot has just been created. It continues to display as we capture a screenshot of your web page and build a manifest of elements. 

Note: The Pending status will only change to Running once at least 1 visitor has gone to the page you are tracking using the device type you specified while setting up the Snapshot. Click here to learn more about the Pending status.

Scheduled - This status displays when a Snapshot is scheduled to start at a later date/time. On the scheduled date and time, the Snapshot status will automatically change to Running.

Running - This status displays when a Snapshot is currently in an active state and collecting data on your website visitors.

Completed - This status displays when a Snapshot is no longer tracking your visitor data because the end date/visits limit was reached or the Snapshot was manually stopped.

Action Required - This status displays when there is an error on the Snapshot.  

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