Duplicate a Snapshot

Duplicating a snapshot is a great way of adding a new snapshot for the same page. This option will use all the current settings for the snapshot you are duplicating.  If you have updated your page content, this is the recommended practice to capture the new data (assuming, of course, you had a snapshot for the page already).

You can only have one active snapshot per page/device.  If you duplicate a 'running' snapshot,  the existing snapshot status will change to 'completed'.  Your duplicate snapshot will become the active snapshot for the page.

Duplicating a snapshot is only available for snapshots added through the dashboard. Snapshots added using Page Camera will not have this option.

Duplicating a Snapshot - Step by Step

Here is a recommended process to help you get started.


Locate the Snapshot you wish to duplicate and click on the gear symbol.


From the drop-down list, select  Duplicate this snapshot.


A new window will appear asking you to create a unique name for your snapshot.  This will allow you to tell it apart from your original snapshot on your dashboard.      

If you choose not to rename your snapshot the word  COPY will be automatically added to the end of the snapshot name.


Click Save when finished.        


You will be returned to your dashboard where your duplicate snapshot will now have a status of pending.  It will take a little before the status changes to running. 

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