How to Create Your First Snapshot

Snapshots are at the heart of Crazy Egg.  To find out those fine details of what is happening on an individual web page, you will want to create a Snapshot.  A Snapshot tracks every visit (by default), along with all the clicks and scrolls visitors make on your web page. It is from here you will see your Heatmap Reports and more.

To get started, you need to decide which pages you want to track.  The instructions that follow are the steps to create a single Snapshot (one page).  

Want to set up more than one Snapshot at a time?  We have you covered, check out Create Multiple Snapshots at Once

Are you looking to track a checkout or cart page?  Then you will want to read this article on How to Create Snapshots on a Checkout or Cart page.  How about a page located behind a login? This article will help you with creating a snapshot.

Creating a Standard Snapshot - Step by Step

Here is a recommended process to help you get started.


Click on Snapshots along the left-hand side (blue menu).


You are now on the Snapshots Dashboard.  From here, either click on + Create Snapshot or the + Create New dropdown in the top right-hand corner and choose Snapshot.


Click on One Snapshot


Enter the URL from your webpage that you want to track.  Hit the tab key when finished and the Snapshot Name will fill in automatically.  

If the Snapshot Name does not fill in, hit the Next button.  An error message will appear under the URL field to provide you with more information.


Create 3 separate Snapshots (option 1).  The switch is toggled on (green) by default. This will create 3 separate Snapshots - one for each device type: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. 

Option 2 - use this option if your mobile visitor volume is less than 10% of your overall visitor traffic to your site or a given page.


By default, the Start and End Duration settings are set for you.  A snapshot will start tracking immediately.  A snapshot will stop tracking after 60 days OR when it has tracked 25,000 visits. 

For more information on changing these settings, please visit How to Set the Duration of your Snapshot.


At this point, you can click on the Next button in the bottom right-hand corner. By default, we track every visit to the page and do not block pop-ups. 

For more information on changing these settings, or learning more about Advanced Tracking Options please visit our Advanced Options section.


The thumbnail images will start to load.  You can choose to wait until you see them or not.  Click on  Create # Snapshots button in the bottom right-hand corner.          


Congratulations!  You have created your snapshots.  Now click on  Return to Dashboard.          

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