Refresh Your Snapshot After a Website Update

My page content has changed but my Snapshot report still shows the old content.  What can I do?

Snapshot images are captured when the Snapshot is created or on the scheduled date/time. Snapshots do not poll your pages for changes. When a change is made to your page, you can refresh your snapshot to capture a new screenshot while keeping all the existing visit, click, and scroll data.

Our Crazy Egg Expert only recommends refreshing your snapshot when the change is minor on your page.  Something like a minor change in copy, spelling, or grammar.  For more dramatic changes, Duplicate your Snapshot.

I don't see the Refresh this Snapshot option.  What can I do?

When you don't see the Refresh option under the gear symbol, this is because your snapshot was created using our Page Camera tool.  You need to pause the snapshot and create a new one with Page Camera.

How do I Refresh my Snapshot?

Here is a recommended process to help you get started.


Locate the Snapshot on your dashboard and click on the gear symbol to the far right-hand side.


Click on " Refresh snapshot image" from the drop-down list.


A message window will appear letting you know the action is underway and may take 15 minutes for this action to complete.

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