Viewing Snapshot Reports

Show us the Heatmaps!  This is after all where the powerful insights are sitting.  Viewing your snapshots is as easy as clicking on the Name of your Snapshot once it has turned blue!

Once your Snapshot has tracked at least one visitor, your reports will become available.

Viewing your Snapshot Reports - Step by Step

There are two options for accessing your Snapshot Reports

Option One (1)

  Click on the name of your Snapshot (when it is blue).

Option Two (2)

  Click on the gear symbol to the far right of your Snapshot name and choose View Results

Snapshot Reports Dashboard

Both of these options will bring you to your Snapshot Reports Dashboard.  By default, the Heatmap report is the first report you will see.  From here you can select the other four reports.

To learn more about the various reports, click on the links related articles link below.

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