Error: Multiple Snapshots for Same Page

Are you seeing an error message that says “ Multiple Snapshots for the Same Page”? 

When an account has more than one Snapshot tracking the same URL,  AND the same devices, you’ll see this error. 

For example, if an account has two Snapshots tracking the URL , both tracking visitors using desktop devices you will cause this error.

You can verify the Multiple Snapshot Error by clicking on the gear symbol and choosing "Edit this Snapshot".  Below is an example of what this error looks like.

The steps outlined in this article will help you straighten things out.

  1. Locating Your Duplicate Snapshots

    The majority of the time the snapshots throwing this error will have a red alert sign in the status column and when you mouse over it, you will see the error message above.  Other times, you will need to search for it.  You can do this by using the Search field at the top of your Dashboard to find the duplicate Snapshots that track the same URL.
  2. If you created another Snapshot that has the same device type (as it shows in the image above) in the device column - Delete the pending Snapshot.  
  3. If the Snapshots in question each use a different screenshot device type (in the device column) then you can edit the Snapshot to change the visitor device traffic type.  See below for an example. When this happens you will want to click on the gear symbol and choose Edit this snapshot.  From here you can de-select the device types under "Track Traffic From" so that there are no overlapping device types between the two.

The issue is now fixed.

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