Troubleshooting Your Snapshots or Tests

Every Snapshot, A/B test, or Edit requires a short period of time to set up.  In most cases, this happens immediately.    But in some rare cases, you might find a snapshot or test is still pending or has zero visits or conversions.  In these cases, we recommend running our Script Check tool. 

Note: The Script Check Tool is unable to check pages that are behind a login or pages that require prior action. In these cases, the tracking script can be manually verified.

Troubleshooting Tracking

Here is a recommended process to help you troubleshoot Snapshots, A/B tests, or Edits.  The visuals below will show you for troubleshooting a Snapshot.


Click on Snapshots (or A/B Testing or Editor) along the left-hand side (blue menu).


Click on the gear symbol and choose the check installation.

If you find the Script Check has returned all positive checks but still have concerns send us an email.  Please include the name of the Snapshot or A/BTest and page URL.

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