Wix Installation Guide

Wix makes it super easy to install the Crazy Egg tracking script. 

Before You Begin - Important Note: To install the Crazy Egg tracking script onto your Wix website, you need to embed custom code onto your website. This feature is only available to Wix Paid users.

Once you've confirmed that you have access to Wix's embed custom code feature, follow these steps to install Crazy Egg onto your Wix site:

1. Sign into your Wix account. Go to your Site Manager

2. Click on  Tracking & Analytics > + New Tool. Select Custom from the dropdown menu.

3. Go to Crazy Egg, copy  the Crazy Egg tracking script that can be found here.

4. Go back to Wix. Click on +New Tool. Paste the Crazy Egg tracking script into the Paste the code snippet here: field.

If you have multiple domains, you'll need to select the relevant domain. 

5. Enter a name for your custom code. For example, you can name it Crazy Egg Tracking Script."

6. Select which pages to add your code to, and where the code should be placed in your site. 

(We recommend that you select  All Pages > Load code once and place the code in the Head.) 

7. Click  Apply.

Wait a moment and you can start to use Crazy Egg. 

(Optional) You can also check to see if you've installed Crazy Egg correctly. Once Crazy Egg has detected that the tracking code is on your site, the  Check Installation tool will show a notice that looks like this: 

"Tracking Script - All tests passed!" means that you have successfully installed Crazy Egg onto your Wix site. 

That's it, you're all set!

Create Your First Snapshot

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