Wix Installation Guide

Wix is a tool where you can build a stunning, professional website. Connecting Crazy Egg with Wix is quick, easy, and it doesn't require any coding. 

To integrate Crazy Egg with Wix, you will need access to Marketing Integrations which is a feature available to Wix customers who have a  Premium site with a connected domain.

Wix Installation

Here's how you install your Crazy Egg script on your Wix site:

Log into your Wix account.
Once you are logged into Wix, go to Marketing Tools > Marketing Integrations.
Scroll down until you see Crazy Egg and click on Go For It.
In the next window, click on the Connect the Crazy Egg button at the top right corner of the screen. 
Copy and paste your account number into the field that appears.
Click on Save.

Congratulations, you have installed the Crazy Egg script.

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