Shopify Installation Guide

Installing Crazy Egg on your Shopify site couldn't be more simple! Just follow these steps:

1.   Start by clicking on  My Code located on the left-hand side.

2.   Next click on  Shopify from the available installation options.

3.   Select the site you want the script to be added to, then on the  Connect with Shopify button.

Note: If you are not already logged into your Shopify account, you will be prompted to do so before continuing to the next step. 

4.   And lastly, Install App.

5.    Congratulations!  You have now installed Crazy Egg on your Shopify account.

Disconnecting Crazy Egg from your Shopify account:

1.   Click on  Disconnect

2.   Then confirm you want to disconnect by clicking  Disconnect once again.

Create Your First Snapshot

What should I do next? Start creating Snapshots so you can see what visitors are exploring on your website and what areas could use some improvement. Check out our Crazy Egg 101: 4 Steps to a High Converting Website guide for more inspiration.

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