How to Manually Install Crazy Egg

The tracking script is what lets Crazy Egg track your visitors.  Without it, your Snapshot report will not populate, there will be no Recordings, A/B tests will not run nor Edits.  The tracking script is unique to your account and the same tracking script is used for all snapshots added to your account.  The recommended installation location is before the closing head tag

Installing the Crazy Egg script involves copying and pasting the script into your web page(s) or in your header file.  If you maintain your header information in a separate file then you only need to install this script once. If you have your header information (code) on each of your web pages then you will need to install this code on each page.

Installing Crazy Egg Manually - Step by Step

Here is a recommended process to help you get started.


The recommended location to add the script is before the closing head tag. Open your page in a text editor in your HTML code, locate </head>. Here is an example:


Paste your Crazy Egg script on the line before </head>. Your page should look similar to this.


Save your changes.  Congratulations, you have set up the script and are now ready to start creating snapshots!

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