Crazy Egg for Education and Universities

Here, you will find multiple guides for making the most out of your subscription, from getting Snapshots (including heatmaps) and Recordings set up on your website to managing multiple domains and team members. You'll also learn how to deploy A/B tests with just the click of a button, no code necessary. 

Remember, each subscription comes with unlimited team members, so you can add as many team members from across campus or administration or departments as you need and want.

Education Case Study

Want to see how another university uses Crazy Egg in action? Take a look at this website teardown with The University of British Columbia.

Organizing and Managing: Putting Crazy Egg to Work for You

Organizing Your Dashboard With Folders

Add some structure or categorization to your Snapshots by grouping them together. Learn how to move Snapshots into Folders so you can access them easily.

Exporting Reports

Learn how to back up or save old reports to make room for new ones or run a comparison with this handy guide. Click here to check out the guide

Sharing Snapshots and Recordings

Want to send a teammate or a client an example of a user behavior pattern you’ve identified? We make it easy to share our reports via URL.

Adding and Managing Team Members

You have the option to invite clients to view reports and recordings from just one site, or several if they have multiple domains under their brand. Here's a walkthrough for how to invite new team members to your account

You also have the option to assign roles to team members, from Owner or Manager to Read-Only (if you want someone to just be able to review reports or recordings rather than run them). Check out this in-depth guide

Crazy Egg Tutorials, Training, and Resources 

Help Center

Our searchable support portal is your go-to resource for making the most of your Crazy Egg subscription! Access to guides, how-to’s, and video tutorials await.  

Video Resources Library

If you're a DIY learner, browse our video library or our YouTube page where we have everything from past webinars to website teardowns to in-depth video walkthroughs. We've got plenty of resources for you to explore so dive right in!

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