Snapshot Goal: I am looking for inspiration for new ideas

Checklist of Recommendations:

  1. Go into your Snapshot Reports looking for ideas to test that are high reach, high impact, and low effort
  2. Look at the Overlay Report and see if there are discrepancies in click popularity between elements like a form field and the submission button
  3. Spend 15 minutes watching Visitor Recordings to see if there are areas of confusion or elements that are causing distraction
  4. Launch a lightweight A/B test where you change just one element like a CTA button color
  5. Choose a goal that will help our Multi-Armed Bandit system find a winner
  6. Create Snapshots of each of the variants on the test
  7. Launch small tests once a week or once a month, depending on your traffic level
  8. Set a calendar reminder to look at your Crazy Egg Snapshots and Visitor Recordings once a week

Hey everyone, it’s Cecilia from Crazy Egg and today we’re talking about inspiration. The value of using a CRO tool like Crazy Egg is three-fold:

  1. Understand how people are interacting with your website today
  2. Look for areas of opportunity to help you reach your goals like increasing your conversion rates and decreasing your exit and bounce rates
  3. Put those ideas into motion by launching A/B tests

Start by heading to a Snapshot of your choice. What you’re looking for are ideas that are high reach, high impact, and low effort.

I’ll head to my Overlay Report first. I’ll be able to see all the elements of the page color coded by their click popularity. Red is the most popular meaning it is one of the most clicked elements. Blue is the least popular, so the least clicked. Green is in the middle.

I notice an immediate discrepancy between the form field and the button that actually submits the form. So when I expand the click data on each element, I can see that the form field is receiving 37.6% of clicks and the button is only receiving 20%. This is a clear area of opportunity that seems to be very low effort.

From there, I’m going to head into my Visitor Recordings. You can either explore your Recordings Dashboard where you’ll have 14 different filters at your disposal or you can see all the recordings associated with that Snapshot right from the Snapshots Dashboard.

Note: Visitor Recordings are also known as Session Replays.

I’m going to click on the Recordings link here and get taken to a Recordings Playlist that shows everyone who has reached this page.

What I’m looking for are areas of confusion or elements that are causing distraction so that people are clicking away from my primary CTA or goal.

Once I’ve spent about 15 minutes watching these recordings and validating the hypotheses that I came up with while analyzing the Snapshot Reports, I’m going to go and launch an A/B test.

One barrier to entry we’ve heard for why people don’t launch A/B tests is that they don’t have the time or the technical know-how.

Crazy Egg has a multi-armed bandit approach to A/B testing meaning we’ll handle your traffic splits for you on our end. With our WYSIWYG editor, you can also make changes to your page with just the click of a button.

What I’m going to do in this example is change the color of the CTA button to signify to people that they need to click on it and to attract their notice so they’re not distracted by other elements. I can create as many variants as I want, but we recommend 5 to 10 different variants depending on your experience level.

Note: I would highly recommend only changing or experimenting with one element at a time per A/B test. This way you know that that change was what resulted in the increase in conversions. In this case, I could create 5 variants, each with a different color for the CTA button.

From there, you can go and specify the goal which we’ll use to determine the winner. In this case, it would be to get more registrations. I’m going to choose When Someone Clicks On An Element because that’s the main button that I’m trying to impact.

We make it easy for you to choose your goal since all you need to do is input the URL and then just select the button or element on the actual page. You can then name the goal and then review your A/B test.

One tip we have for you before you launch your test is to create Snapshots of all the variants. While we can tell you the statistical winner, Snapshots will tell you exactly how your visitors are impacted and what’s helping your reach your goal. This helps you gain a deeper understanding of your visitor behavior.

I would launch tests once a week or once a month, depending on your traffic level. You could also launch a test for each page on your site as a way to constantly improve your user experience.

Make sure to spend 15-30 minutes a week going through your Snapshot Reports and your Visitor Recordings to identify new ideas that you can test.

Thanks for listening and happy optimizing!

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