Snapshot Goal: I am launching a page for the first time

Checklist of Recommendations:

  1. Create a separate Snapshot for each device type
  2. Block pop-ups from your Snapshot Reports
  3. On your Heatmap/Scrollmap, look for elements that are receiving a great deal of clicks but not many impressions so you can move it further up the page
  4. On your Confetti Report, use the 22 different filters to see if your target audience is clicking where you expect
  5. Watch your Visitor Recordings and look for rage clicks, excessive scrolling, and UI bugs
  6. Set a time on your calendar and repeat this process weekly to check how your newly launched page is performing and to generate ideas for improvement

Hello, I’m Cecilia from Crazy Egg and today we’re going to talk about launching a new page on your site. Your goal should be to see what’s working and what’s not as quickly as possible so you can launch experiments that will improve your conversion rates and your engagement rates.

The first step is to create a Snapshot of this new page. Say you wanted to launch a landing page geared towards new visitors. My first recommendation is to create a separate Snapshot for every device type.

Unless you have particularly low tablet and mobile traffic, you’ll be able to see whether or not browsing patterns, scroll patterns, and click patterns differ depending on the device that’s used. In your Snapshot Reports, you’ll also be able to compare Snapshots of different devices side by side to better see whether or not you need to rearrange content based on the device type.

The second recommendation I have is to block pop-ups. This way you can see all of the click activity that’s happening behind the pop-up. Don’t worry, we still track all the clicks on the pop-up on the List Report!

Once you’ve launched the Snapshot, head over to the Snapshot Report. The first report that you’ll be taken to is the Heatmap. We actually layered the Heatmap with the Scrollmap so not only can you see hotspots of click activity on your page, you’ll also be able to find out the number of impressions on that hotspot.

So say there was an element on your page that was receiving a particularly high number of clicks but a very low number of impressions. I would recommend moving that element further up the page to see if you can boost engagement.

The Heatmap overlaid with the Scrollmap is a very quick way to see whether the elements that you want clicked are getting the impressions that you’re hoping for.

Head to your Confetti Report next. You have 22 different filters at your disposal, including New vs. Returning visitors, so you’ll be able to find out whether you’re hitting the mark in terms of your target audience.

If you want to go a layer deeper, I recommend watching Visitor Recordings. Visitor Recordings show you the customer journey in real time so you can see where they were before they reached your target page and the pages that they go to afterwards.

You’ll also be able to see whether or not there are any barriers to conversion like elements that people think are clickable that actually aren’t. Whether there are any glitches or bugs on your page and also if people are hunting for content that isn’t there.

Once you’ve spent about 15 to 30 minutes understanding how your audience is experiencing your site, you can come up with ideas to test that will help you improve your newly launched page. Repeat this process weekly so you can keep on seeing how your page continues to perform, and how your audience responds to your updates and changes.

Thanks for listening and happy optimizing!

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