A/B Test Controls and Toolbar

When you create an A/B test, you will see a toolbar on the bottom of your screen that lets you create multiple variants, change the device type of the test, undo and redo changes, preview your modifications, switch into the interactive mode to remove pop-ups, and to select your Move Settings.

Create Variants

Click  Create New Variant to create one or more variants of your page that you'd like to test. Within the sidebar menu, the Control is always your original page. You CANNOT change the Control. Variant #1 on the hand is the adjusted version. You can create as many variants as you need, but we would recommend between 1-5. If you are really experienced, then we have had some customers create up to 20 different variants. 

Our Crazy Egg Expert advises choosing one element to experiment at a time. For example, you can choose to change the color of the main CTA so that each variant would be a different color. 

Change Device Type

You can easily change the device type of the A/B test from the Visual Editor. 

Preview Variants

If you want to see how your changes will look to your visitors, simply click on the eye icon to preview your page. 

Interactive Mode

Say that you have a pop-up that is blocking the page, you can switch to the interactive mode to disable the pop-up and make edits to the page. 

Move Settings

You can adjust how elements are moved on the page. 

There are three choices.

Move anywhere: Need to move elements around on the page? With Move anywhere, you can move any element to test different
placements. How to move an element - Click and drag an element to move it around the page.

Reorder: The Editor allows you to reorder an element relative to other elements. For example, you can place the About tab to go before the Contact tab. How to reorder elements - Click and drag the element to where you’d like it to go. 

Auto: This Auto option is a combination of Move anywhere and Reorder. It allows you to move any element around on your site. If you select an element within an ordered list, The Editor will reorder it relative to other elements.

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