Error: Duplicate Tracking Script Installed

Why does this happen?

The most common reason that duplicate tracking scripts are installed on the same page is (1) the use of multiple integrations methods and/or (2) two different accounts tracking the same web page.  Both of these occurrences can happen for a variety of reasons.  But not to worry, we do suppress multiple scripts from running at once.

Should I be concerned?

Because we suppress multiple scripts from running, your Snapshot will still collect data.  Recordings, AB tests, and Edits will still run.  The danger in leaving multiple scripts comes when you have more than one Crazy Egg account tracking the page.  If this is the cause for the duplicate (multiple) tracking script error, then the data tracking will not be consistent in collection for each account.  For any given visitor visit, sometimes it will track to your account.  Other times, to the other Crazy Egg account.

How to Resolve this Situation

Here is a recommended process to help you resolve this situation.


The first thing to do is to check your page for the extra scripts.  Browser your page in a new tab.  Right-click and go to inspect.


Under the Elements tab search for  To bring up the search field click CTRL + F (on Windows) or Command % + F (on a Mac).


Verify if you have two different account scripts on your page.  Your script should match the one in your account.


Remove any script that does not match your script on your source file.  If you cannot find the script, check your plugins and/or Google Tag management account.


Run the script check on the page, again.


If you are still seeing this error, please send us an email.  Please include the name of the Snapshot and page URL.

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