Single Page Applications

Web pages that change without the URL changing (single page apps) can be tracked.  There are two ways to go about doing this.

Option One: 

Creating the Snapshot as you would for any other page.  When you use this method, not all clicks can be placed on visual reports.  Rather they tracked under our List Report.

When you first set up a page for tracking with Crazy Egg, our system will visit the URL to grab a screenshot and inventory all the elements on the page. When a user clicks on any element that is visible in the screenshot our system is able to place those clicks on all reports.  If the application changes and a user clicks on an element that was hidden or added via javascript, these clicks will not be placed on a visual report but rather in our List Report.

Option Two

You can also use our Track by Name code and with the aide of your web developers place the code on your application where the new content renders and then use our Page Camera tool (Capture Snapshots Manually Using Page Camera) to create the Snapshots for each tab.  This will provide you with more visuals on the reports.

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