How can I use Crazy Egg to Improve Website Content?

When it comes to understanding what content is valuable to your website visitors, there are a few different factors to consider:

  1. Exit rate
  2. Time on page
  3. Micro/macro conversions

Snapshot Reports

Quick tips to get you started:


  • Is there a CTA that people aren't clicking on? Change up the messaging to see if the new copy resonates more with your audience. 
  • Is the color of the CTA not standing out visually? Try new design styles.
  • Are people clicking on content that isn't clickable? Add in a link so you can lower the barrier to entry. Your audience is telling you that they're interested in learning more, so help them reach the content they're excited about. 


  • If you're interested in increasing time on page, then look for transition areas where your Scrollmap colors shift dramatically. Experiment with adding content in these areas to motivate people to continue scrolling down. 
  • If you're interested in decreasing your exit rate, help people reach their goal faster. Place a prominent CTA right where people land on your page so that they'll move through your funnel more quickly. 

Confetti Report

  • Pay attention to the Referrer and Search Terms lists to investigate how customers found your site. Add in keywords and content that match the information in these lists.

Overlay Report

  • If your goal is to motivate people to submit a form, expand the list under more+ on the clicks data for each field to spot trends like the number of New versus Returning visitors. For example, if you have a Create an Account form that is geared towards new users, but you're finding a lot of returning users are also interacting with the form, add in an option to Log In Now.  

List Report

  • See at a glance the top links that your website visitors are clicking on. Experiment with creating more articles or copy that fit with the content of these popular links. 

Custom User Variables

While Snapshots provide a wealth of information to get you started with understanding your website audience, you can get even more specific by setting up  Custom User Variables. Decide on goals (macro/micro-conversions) that you want to achieve like submitting a form or adding items to a cart, and then use custom user variables to track visitors who achieve these goals.  

This will allow you to segment successful users in your  Confetti and Overlay Snapshot Reports so you can understand what content they interacted with that motivated them to continue. Use this information to decide what to promote and what to remove.

User Recordings 

Filter your User Recordings using the  Custom User Variables you set up to get a direct view of the exact movements and pathways of this valuable segment of customers who are meeting your goals. You'll be better positioned to see in real-time how your content impacted their decision to complete your macro/micro goal. 

You'll be amazed at the insights you'll generate!

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