How can I use Crazy Egg to Increase Conversions

The best way to make the biggest impact out of the gate is to begin by using a web analytics tool like Google Analytics to understand your Users Flow and your Conversion Path. This will give you a focus on launching your Crazy Egg Snapshot Reports and User Recordings. Start by analyzing your existing funnel to pinpoint the pages that have the highest exit rate. Once you've identified these leaky pages, set up a Snapshot Report on the worst culprit so that you can understand how users are interacting with the page and what might be causing them to abandon your site.

We recommend watching User Recordings for the pages in question so you can see in real-time what is motivating visitors to move onto the next step. You'll be able to watch people who don't progress so you can understand where they stopped and what it is that they might have missed. Once you have a clear direction on what to change, you can go ahead and launch A/B tests to see if your hypotheses are correct. It is important to create Snapshots for each variant so you can see how visitors are responding to your improvements. You should also look at your Google Analytics data to see if there are any changes in the exit rate or the user journey. 

Once the A/B test has run its course and there is a clear conversion winner, repeat this whole process for the second leakiest page on your site. 

What if I Don't Use Another Web Analytics Tool? 

If you don't use any other web analytics tool, then start off with high-impact conversion pages like your pricing page or a dedicated sales landing page. After you have set up your Snapshots and User Recordings, go through the same steps of comparing your reports and watching your user recordings to understand how visitors move through and interact with your site. 

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