Warning Page Redirects

Why does this happen?

When setting up a snapshot, A/B test, or using the Editor, you want to use the Final URL Destination.  But in some cases, the URL may be behind a login page.  

How to Resolve this Situation

There are a couple of options for resolving this issue.


Check to see if the URL you are using does indeed redirect to another URL in a new browser tab.  If yes, then delete this Snapshot and create a new one using the Final URL Destination (the URL that you were redirected to).  If no, go to step 2.


Does the URL sit behind a login page?  If yes, then you will need to create the Snapshot manually using our Page Camera extension.


If you are still unable to get past this error, please send us an email.  Please include the page URL and which feature you were using (Snapshot, A/B test, or Editor).

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