How to Customize Your User Recordings Sampling Rate

Your sampling rate determines the frequency at which your website visitor sessions will be recorded. 

What is my sampling rate if I am on a free trial?

We track the first 15% of your website visitor sessions so you have recordings to look at immediately. The remaining 85% of your sessions will be evenly collected throughout the rest of your trial period. 

For example, let’s say you are on the Basic Trial Plan which gives you 100 Recordings per month. We’ll record your first 15 sessions so you can uncover customer insights right from the start. The remaining 85 Recordings will be spaced out during the rest of your trial period. 

Want to customize your sampling rate?

You'll need to upgrade to a paid plan to access advanced sampling rate options. Find mission-critical data faster by customizing your rate of recordings to suit the volume of your traffic and your optimization goals. 

How do I set up sampling if I am on a paid subscription?

Before you begin

This feature is only available for accounts with a paid subscription.


Go to Recordings Settings


Make sure you have Recordings enabled for your site. If the button next to your website is grayed out, just toggle the button to green to activate Recordings. 


Scroll down to the Sampling Rate section. 


Select which sampling method that you want to use: 

Sampling Method   How it works Example  
Uniform Record your sessions evenly throughout the calendar month.  Let's say you are paying for the Basic Plan where you get 100 Recordings per month.  

We’ll record 100 sessions evenly throughout the calendar month which means you'll get approximately 3 Recordings per day.
Custom Choose the number of sessions you would like recorded over a specific time period. 

Once the end date or the number of Recordings has been reached, the sampling rate will default to Uniform.
Let's say you are paying for the Basic Plan where you get 100 Recordings per month. At the start of the calendar month, you will have the full 100 Recordings at your disposal.  

You can set it up so that we'll record 20 sessions during the first five days of the month. We will then space out your remaining 80 sessions over the remainder of the month.   

Here is how our Sampling feature looks on your Settings page. 

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