Glossary of Terms

Actions: Choose how you want to interact with each Snapshot by selecting "View results", "Edit this Snapshot", "Duplicate this Snapshot", "Share this Snapshot", "Export this Snapshot", "Check Installation", "Delete this Snapshot", or "Move this Snapshot".

Check Installation: Find out of if you have installed the Crazy Egg tracking script correctly. This feature is especially useful if your Snapshot is displaying an Error status. You'll learn what features are enabled/passed, what features are inactive, and if there is a problem with your installation.

Completed: Snapshots that are no longer collecting data. Snapshots are Completed when they have either reached your specified visits or time limit.

Confetti Report: Understand how different audience segments interact with your site. 

Created: Date that your Snapshot was created and started collecting data.

Delete this Snapshot: Remove the Snapshot from your Dashboard. Deleting the Snapshot will also delete all the data collected.

Device: When you create a Snapshot, you have the option to track visitors who are using a Desktop, Mobile Device, Tablet, or traffic from all three at once. See which Device is being tracked at a glance.

Duplicate this Snapshot: Create a copy of the specified URL with all of the same Snapshot settings. This feature is especially useful if you have made changes to the web page and you want to track completely new visitor data. Note: You can only have one active snapshot per page/device. If you duplicate a 'running' snapshot, the existing snapshot status will change to Completed. Your duplicate snapshot will become the active snapshot for the page.

Duration: The length of time that your Snapshot has been active.

Edit this Snapshot: Modify the settings of the Snapshot such duration, traffic type, number of visits, and advanced settings like pop-ups and sampling ratio. Note: You cannot change the Screenshot Device of an existing Snapshot.

Error: This status displays when there was an error capturing the screenshot of your web page. You can try to recapture the image by selecting Refresh this Snapshot in the dropdown menu that appears after you click the gear symbol. If the page is not publicly accessible, then you can use our Google Chrome extension Page Camera to upload the image.

Export this Snapshot: Download your Snapshot Reports to save and back up the results of your Snapshots. You can download all five reports at once or only specific reports that you select as a zipped file. The Heatmap, Overlay, and Scrollmap Reports download as JPG files, the Confetti Report downloads as a PDF file, and the List Report downloads as a spreadsheet.

Heatmap: See where your visitors are clicking with a visual report displaying more popular regions in bright colors of white, yellow, and red, and less popular regions in darker colors of purple and blue. 

Impressions: Impressions are logged on the Scrollmap when the visitor stops scrolling and pauses on that section of the page. If they are on the page, but continuously scrolling, that is not logged as an impression. 

Integrations: We make it easy to install Crazy Egg on third-party apps like Wordpress, Google Tag Manager, Wix, Squarespace, Drupal, Magento, or Joomla.

List Report: Tabular overview of your most popular interactive elements.

Move this Snapshot: Select individual Snapshots or multiple at a time to organize into Folders.

Multiple Snapshots: Since a Snapshot is an analysis of one page, you can choose to create multiple Snapshots at once to save time. This option allows you to add in all of the different page URLs that you would like to track in bulk. Note that Snapshots created this way do not allow you to specify different settings for each Snapshot. They will all run using the same criteria that you choose in the Snapshot settings.

New (visitor):  Someone who has not visited your page since you started your Crazy Egg Snapshot.  If someone has cleared their browser cookies (or used a different browser) then they will be counted a a new visitor.

One Snapshot: If you would like to customize each Snapshot with specific settings, create a single Snapshot at a time instead of multiple.

Overlay Report: Explore the click breakdown of each of the elements on your site.

Pending: This status displays when a Snapshot has just been created. It continues to display as we capture a screenshot of your web page and build a manifest of elements. The Pending status will only change to Running once at least 1 visitor has gone to the page you are tracking using the device type you specified while setting up the Snapshot.  Click here to learn more about the Pending status.

Running: Snapshots that are currently active and collecting data.

Returning (visitor):  A person who had visited your page before and has a Crazy Egg cookie file.

Scheduled: This status displays when a Snapshot is scheduled to start at a later date/time. On the scheduled date and time, the Snapshot status will automatically change to Running.

Scrollmap: Learn what content visitors are scrolling past.

Share this Snapshot: Share you Snapshot using a public Share Link.

Snapshot Report/Results: Five reports are generated from your Snapshot and each allows you to visually understand your user behavior.

Snapshot: A screenshot taken of your web page. We use this screenshot to track desktop, tablet, and mobile traffic to see how people behave across different devices for responsive pages.

Total: See all of the Snapshots you've created including Pending, Scheduled, Running, Completed, Error.

Tracking Script: Adding this code snippet to your website lets Crazy Egg track your visitors. Without it, our Snapshots won't pick up any of your users' clicks.

View results: Go to your five Snapshot Reports - Heatmap, Scrollmap, Confetti Report, Overlay Report, and List Report.

Visits: The number of visits tracked in each Snapshot.

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