Why does this happen?

Have you ever noticed a "flicker" between the control and variant page showing?  What you are experiencing is what is referred to as a flicker.  You will end up seeing the control and then see it quickly change to the variant. This occurs when a site takes a little longer to load.

How to Resolve this Situation

To address this phenomenon you will want to add this extra code snippet and adjust the time value. This will make it so the page loads all white, and then the variant will be loaded.

By placing this code just before the one line javascript you installed for Crazy Egg, you can prevent this flicker from happening. 

<script type=“text/javascript”>
window.CE2 = {};
CE2.bh.innerHTML=“body{visibility:hidden !important}“;
setTimeout(function() { 
if (CE2.bh) { CE2.bh.parentElement.removeChild(CE2.bh); CE2.bh = null; }
}, 500);

<script src=“//script.crazyegg.com/pages/scripts/0000/0000.js” async></script>

Note:  The 500 number is customizable and you can input value to delay the page so that there is no flicker. 

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