How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Snapshot Reports are the most impactful when there is enough data being collected from visitors on your site. The more interactions you can analyze, the more you can understand where there are pain points, bottlenecks, and UI/UX issues that are causing visitors to abandon your website. The less traffic you receive, the less able you will be to identify trends that are causing you to lose conversions.

Once your Snapshot Reports have logged upwards of 5,000 user interactions, you’ll be in a great position to understand patterns in your audience, set meaningful goals, and launch informed A/B tests and website tweaks.

If you’re struggling to generate data-backed hypotheses to test out with A/B testing, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list of the best resources to help you drive more quality traffic to your website so you can see results faster.  

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Identify opportunities on your website that you can use to improve your search engine rankings with:

  1. Seo Analyzer - Not sure where to begin? Use this free tool to see a complete analysis of your SEO standing, and to get access to content marketing strategies and competitor intelligence.
  2. Ubersuggest: Keyword Ideas - Help your potential customers find you more easily by uncovering the keywords that are critical to your business so you can improve your organic and paid search rankings.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Draw inspiration from this roundup of articles and videos from Neil Patel, one of Crazy Egg’s co-founders and a leading expert on skyrocketing website traffic. No matter your marketing budget or the saturation of your market niche, he has a range of tips to benefit anyone from any industry.

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  2. 7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 206%
  3. How to Do SEO for a “Tiny” Website That Doesn’t Have Any Visitors or Money
  4. How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO
  5. 5 Tools That'll Help You Drive Traffic to Your Website | Search Engine Optimization Tips
  6. The Secret to Becoming the Top Website in Any Popular Niche 2017 - Better Alexa Rank
  7. 21 Resources for Mastering Online Marketing
  8. How To Generate 195,013 Visitors a Month Without Spending a Dollar on Ads (40 minute video - grab a coffee because it’s packed full of great content!)

To reach the goal of optimizing your website for maximum conversions, you first need to improve the quantity and quality of your website traffic. Use the resources provided in this article as a starting point so you can grow your business effectively!

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