Error: Creating a Snapshot for new website with Manager-level permissions

If you encountered an error that read "Unfortunately, since you are a Manager of this account, you don't have the permissions to create a Snapshot...You'll need to contact your Account Owner to create a Snapshot this website," then it usually means you don't have access to that URL because you have Manager-level permissions.

The quickest fix for this is to ask your Account Owner to add the website to the account and give you access to this website. The Account Owner needs to follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Click on Options.

2. Click on Sites > Add new Site.

3. Enter the base domain in the text box provided and click Add Site to save your changes. 

You'll see the site added to the list of sites that the account can track. 

Make sure the Crazy Egg code snippet is installed on this new site.

4. Go to the team management section and edit team permissions by going to Account > Manage team.

5. Hover over the name of the teammate, click on edit.

6. Check off the site that needs to be shared. In this example, we've checked off

Once your Account Owner has completed these steps, you can start creating Snapshots! 

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