Error: Creating a Snapshot for new website with Manager-level permissions

Why does this happen?

If you encountered an error that read  "Unfortunately, since you are a Manager of this account, you don't have the permissions to create a Snapshot...You'll need to contact your Account Owner to create a Snapshot of this website" then you don't have access to that domain within the Crazy Egg account.  The reason is that you have Manager-level permissions.

How to Resolve this Situation

Here is a recommended process to help you get started.

Option One (1)

Contact your Crazy Egg account owner (the person who invited you to the account) and ask them to either add create the snapshot for you.

Option Two (2)

Contact your Crazy Egg account owner to add the domain and change your permissions to access that domain.  The steps are below what your account owner would need to do.


Click on Options along the left-hand side (blue menu).


Choose Sites located at the top.


Click on Add New Site.


Enter the base domain in the text box provided and click  Add Site to save your changes.


You'll see the site added to the list of sites that the account can track.  Be sure the script from your account is installed on this new domain (website).


Now click on Account - Manage Team along the left-hand side (blue menu).


Find your teammate's name (the requestor for this change) and select Edit.


Place a checkmark beside the domain name under the table Select which sites to share.


Click on the Save button.

You are done.  Your teammate can now create Snapshots for this domain.

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