Snapshots Overview

Make the most of your website traffic with Snapshots, a direct view into how people interact with your content, resonate with your marketing calls to action and experience your product. Snapshots let you understand exactly what’s working on your website and what needs improvement, so you can increase your conversion rate.


In order to get a complete overview of your audience, you’ll have access to five different data visualization reports:

Set Up Snapshots and Customize Tracking 

Whether you choose to create a single Snapshot or multiple at a time, you’ll be able to customize your setup so that you can get to the most relevant information. Our advanced options let you tailor your website tracking so that you can specify how Crazy Egg should handle pop-ups, which visits to track, and whether to delay screen capture so that you can make sure all of your content has loaded fully.  


Filter, Export, and Compare Snapshots

Each of our reports can be filtered and exported, letting you share visually impactful data with your team. You can also easily compare Snapshots, exploring the difference between Desktop and Mobile behavior, or comparing a before and after a redesign of the page.


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