Pending Status

When you set up a Snapshot, you will see a Pending status in your Snapshot Dashboard as Crazy Egg captures a screenshot of your web page and builds a manifest of elements. 

Once at least 1 visitor has visited your website using the device you specified when creating your Snapshot, the status will switch from Pending to Running

If your Snapshot is still Pending after 24 hours, click on the gear symbol and choose Check installation from the dropdown menu. 

Test Failed

Let the test run and then review your results. If the test Failed, click on the blue links provided in the error message to help you resolve your issue.

Two of the most common errors that pop up are  Multiple Snapshots for the Same Page or Track By Name Mismatch.

Test Passed

If all of the tests pass and your Snapshot status is still Pending, the most likely issue is that you have not had any visitor traffic by the specified device type yet. You can verify this by visiting the URL for the Snapshot using the specified device type, and then scrolling down and clicking on the page. Wait for 2-3 hours to see if there is a change in status. If you still see no change, contact our support team so we can help you investigate further.

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