Crazy Egg Overview

This video provides an overview of how you can use each of the different Crazy Egg features to make improvements to your website. Use Snapshots to successfully research users, User Recordings to see how visitors move through your site, and A/B Tests to iterate on a design so you can increase your website conversion rate.

From the centralized Crazy Egg Dashboard, you’ll have access to our full suite of features and be able to easily collaborate with teammates. All you need to do is install our tracking script, and let the data roll in!

Snapshots are a breeze to set up and customize. Viewing Snapshots of your website provides you with five different data visualization reports. Dive deep into how your audience is responding to your marketing copy with Heatmaps, understand where to best position your most important calls-to-action with Scrollmaps, learn more about what appeals to specific segments of your audience with Confetti Reports, and get granular data on every click using the Overlay and List Reports.

Once you have a clear idea of what your aggregated visitors are up to, it’s time to track every movement with User Recordings. As you can see in this real-world example, you’ll be able to go on a journey with your website visitors and match real-time actions to the data in your Snapshots so you can optimize your funnel and improve your user experience.

Now that you know what people are clicking on, what they’re ignoring, and where they’re getting stumped, it’s time to launch A/B Tests. With the Crazy Egg tracking script installed on your website, making design modifications is as easy as clicking a button. Test multiple variations and see what performs best, no code necessary. It’s just you and your ideas.

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