Error: Track By Name Mismatch

Why does this happen?

This situation occurs in one of two cases.  You have added the track by name code on your page but have not configured the snapshot to track using this method.


The CE_Snapshot_Name variable does not match the name given to the Snapshot.  The Track by Name code is based on the Name Your Snapshot field when setting up your Snapshot. The two values must be an exact match. 

Solving the Error

If the case is the first situation, then all you need to do is ensure the Track by Name option is selected under more settings in the configuration.  Edit this Snapshot will let you edit the configuration.  Once done, re-run the check installation. 

If the latter, then all you need to do is to ensure that the correct Track by Name code is installed on the correct page. You can do this by simply going to the Track By Name option on your Snapshot and copying the code presented.   Replace the code on your source file with this code.  Once done, re-run the check installation. 

Please send us an email, if you are unable to resolve this issue.  Please include the name of the Snapshot and page URL.

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