Snapshots for External A/B Tests

Heat mapping variants of an A/B test is a great way to gain valuable insights on what your visitors respond to best. Setting up Snapshots for A/B tests require that you use  Page Camera with our advanced Track by Name feature. You can only use Track by Name with individual Snapshots - you will not be able to use Track by Name with a bulk Snapshot selection.

Refreshing A/B Tested Pages and Page Camera  

When you create an A/B Test, you can't guarantee which version you'll hit if you don't have direct variant URLs. In order to Snapshot each variant, you'll need to use  Page Camera. Page Camera is our Google Chrome extension that allows you to capture a screenshot of a specific page of your site using your local computer. You can then upload it directly into Crazy Egg. 

To Snapshot your A/B test variants, open up the URL and keep refreshing the page until you hit the variant of your choice, then hit the capture button. Once the screenshot of the page has been captured using Page Camera, you'll be prompted to continue setting up your Snapshot. Make sure to choose Track by Name under Show more settings.

Track by Name 

Snapshots track web pages using the URL by default, but this is not ideal for A/B tests since multiple pages can be served from the same URL. Track by Name allows you to track a page using a specific code snippet instead of the URL, which makes it ideal for A/B tests. 
If you already have a Snapshot of an A/B test variant set up, you can  edit the Snapshot and toggle Track by Name on. 

Snapshot Setup

A Snapshot must be added for each variant you'd like to track.
  1. Add a new Snapshot using Page Camera 
  2. Set the Snapshot tracking setting to Track by Name under Show more settings
  3. Install the Track by Name code that is presented on the variant page

And then you're ready to go! That is unless you have multiple A/B test variants, in which case you'll need to keep repeating this process until you've got individual Snapshots of each page.

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