Snapshots for External A/B Tests

Heat mapping variants of an A/B test is a great way to gain valuable insights on what your visitors respond to best. Setting up Snapshots for A/B tests created outside of our system requires that you use  Page Camera with our advanced Track by Name feature. 

You will not be able to create bulk Snapshots if you are using Track By Name as the tracking option.

Creating a Snapshot for an A/B Test Page 

When you create an A/B Test, you can't guarantee which version you'll hit if you don't have direct variant URLs. In order to Snapshot each variant, you'll need to use  Page Camera

To create a snapshot for your A/B test variants, visit the page in your browser and keep refreshing the page until you hit the variant of your choice, then use Page Camera to capture the static image of the page. Once the screen capture of the page has been completed, you'll be prompted to configure your Snapshot. Make sure to choose Track by Name under Show more settings.

And then you're ready to go! That is unless you have multiple A/B test variants, in which case you'll need to keep repeating this process until you've got individual Snapshots of each page.

Have you used Google Optimize to create your A/B Test?  If so, we have an integration for this and you only need to choose Google Optimize as a tracking option under Snapshots More Settings.

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