Updating Billing Information

You can update your payment information and company billing information in Crazy Egg at any time. The steps listed below will walk you through how to complete this. 

Updating Payment Information In-App - Step by Step

Here is a recommended process to help you get started.


Click on Account (located on the left-hand side in the blue menu bar). This will open a sub-menu underneath.


Click on  Billing details.


To make changes to the payment information, simply highlight the data in any field (or click on the drop-down box) and start typing. For example, if you want to update the expiration date on your credit card, click on the drop-down box and choose the month and year. Remember to click on the Save changes button when you have finished

Note: If you do not see "Billing details" under the Account section, then your Team Member role does not permit access to the billing information. You will have to contact the account owner to change your role to 'owner', or they will have to update the info. 


To change the company address information scroll down on the current page (billing details) to the  Company Info section (as shown below).  Simply highlight a field, such as an address, and start typing. If you need to add a VAT # you can use any of the field boxes. When you are finished, click on the  Save changes button

Note: If you do change any company information this will affect all of your past receipts as well. For example, if you change your company address, all past receipts that may be viewed or printed will now show the new address. If you want to change this back at any time, simply edit the fields and click the  Save changes button

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