Cancel Subscription

Click on  Account (located on the left-hand side of the blue menu bar). This will open a sub-menu underneath. 

Click on  Your Profile.

From here you will see a new screen located in the center of the dashboard. To the right of Change Plan section you will find a menu list outlined in red.  Click on  Cancel Subscription (in the picture below this is outline in red).  

Once here you are asked to choose a reason why you are leaving. Note: Until you select a reason for leaving, the continue button will remain grayed out. Once you have chosen a selection the continue button will become blue.

Click on the  Continue button to finalize the cancellation.

Note: Once your account has been closed, you will be unable to access the results in your dashboard until your account is reactivated.
We are sorry to see you leave. We would greatly appreciate any feedback you are willing to provide on your experience using our product. Please email us at so we can continue to improve our product features. 

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