Pageviews and Monthly Visits

Your subscription plan outlines the number of visits to your website(s) per month that we will log before you'll need to upgrade your plan. We only count visits logged on the pages that you want to track, NOT overall visits to your entire website. In other words, the visits we count are only on the Snapshots that you create, NOT your overall website traffic.  

The monthly visits for all of the domains and websites under your account will be reset on the first of each calendar month regardless of your billing cycle. So, say you joined Crazy Egg on April 25th and then accrued 3,139 visits by April 30th, that number will reset to 0 on May 1st, but you will next be billed on May 25th. 

Keep in mind that only total visits logged to your account are reset. We do not reset the data in each of the Snapshot Reports. 

Since the visits logged in your Snapshots are a running total, they cannot be reset. If you would like to track a Snapshot from zero visits, then you will need to add a new Snapshot of that particular page. 

Current visits used and visits remaining can be found at the top of the right-side navigation in your Crazy Egg dashboard under Snapshots (outlined in red below).

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