Managing Team Members

In Crazy Egg, users are called Team Members. Team Members have different levels of permissions that you can use to manage the level of access your teammates get. Owners can add Team Members to your Crazy Egg Account to share reports. Adding Team Members is especially useful when there are multiple people who need access to several Snapshots or Recordings.

When an Owner adds a Team Member, they can give Team Members access to all of the sites or just specific sites.

For example, let's say an Owner has three sites:,, and, and the account is subscribed to Crazy Egg Snapshots and Recordings.

If the Owner gives a Team Member access to all three sites, the Team Member can view all Snapshots and Recordings for,, and

If the Owner gives a Team Member access to only, the Team Member can only view the Snapshots and Recordings for

How to Invite New Team Members

Now, let's go over how to invite new team members into Crazy Egg. There are 5 easy steps:

1. Click on the  + icon and Team Member at the top right-hand corner, or navigate to the Manage Team in the left navigation.

2. Enter the email address of the person you'd like to invite.

3. Choose an option under  Permissions.

4. Choose which  Site(s) they can access.

5. Click on  Send invite.

Your teammate will get an email invitation that asks the recipient to join your account under the permissions level you selected. The recipient will need to sign-up and create a password or login with their existing Crazy Egg account.

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