Using the Editor to Make Changes to Your Site

Sometimes, you need to make a quick edit on a webpage and you don't have access to a web developer, for whatever reason.  Crazy Egg's Editor allows you to quickly make changes to your site on the fly. 

Getting Started with the Editor - Step by Step

Here is a recommended process to help you get started.


Click on the Editor along the left-hand side (blue menu).


Click on the button + Create Edit in the top right-hand corner and select Edit.

If this is your Edit, you will see a button in the middle of your screen that reads "Make my first edit now".  This will take you to the same place as the instruction in this step.


The next screen is Choose A Page.  Paste your page URL in the field provided and then click on the Next button in the bottom right-hand corner.


Select a Device.  Choose who you want to see this test - Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet visitors.

Note: The reason you have a choice between the three devices (and would have to create a separate test for each device) is that the layout on the screen of your page would be different on each device.  Rule of thumb, test on the device that receives the most traffic.


Now you are in the Editor where you can make a number of changes. There is a number of things you can edit, like the test, colors, swap images, move elements around and hide them.  To learn more about editing and the controls, check out this article: AB Toolbar and the Editor.


When you are finished click on Publish my Edits button in the bottom right-hand corner.

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