Create Your First A/B Test

Okay, let's get down to business. You have reviewed your Snapshot Reports, you have an idea of how to improve your visitor experience and you have planned out what you want to change. Now it is time to put it into action and test out your plan.

Create an A/B Test

You can create a new A/B test by:

1. Clicking on the + Create New dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard 

2. Navigating to the A/B Testing Dashboard and clicking on  + Create Test at the top of the dashboard.

3. If you've never launched a test before, then you will have the option to  Create my first A/B Test.

Choose a Page

Choose the page you want to test. 

Select a Device Type

Choose the audience that you want to test: (1) Desktop visitors, (2) Mobile visitors, or (3) Tablet visitors. 

Create a Variant

Next, use the Crazy Egg Visual Editor to create variants.

1. Click  Create New Variant to create one or more variants of your page that you'd like to test. Within the sidebar menu, the Control is always your original page. You CANNOT change the Control. Variant #1 on the hand is the adjusted version. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Undo for Mac: cmd+z
  • Redo for Mac: cmd+shift+z
  • Undo for Windows: ctrl-z
  • Redo for Windows: ctrl-y

2. Once the Visual Editor has loaded your page, select an element that you want to edit. For example, let's select the  BUY NOW - $10 button and change the copy.

3. Click on  Edit Text & Style

4. Use the inline editor to change the text. Click on the close button (X) once you are done. Here, we've changed the copy from Buy Now - $15 to Buy Now.

5. Repeat steps #1-4 to create more variants
6. Click  Next once you have finished creating your variants

Configure Your Goal

Define the goal that measures the impact of your variants. There are four types of goals:

  1. Sell more products
  2. Get more registrations
  3. Generate more leads
  4. Get more page views

Once you've chosen a goal, you'll need to define how this goal is achieved. There are four ways a goal is reached:

  1. When someone clicks a button/link. For example, Crazy Egg will record that you sold a product when a customer clicks on the Buy Now!button.
  2. When someone reaches a page. For example, Crazy Egg will record that you sold a product when a customer reaches the Order confirmed! page.
  3. When someone submits a form. For example, Crazy Egg will record that you received a registration when a customer clicks on the Register button within a form.
  4. When someone triggers a script. This method is for more advanced, technical users.

In this test, we want to see if changing the text of the button from  Buy Now - $10 to Buy Now will get more people buy the product. So we've set-up the goal as Sell more products.

To determine this, I consider a product sold when someone has clicked on the  Buy Now button. A red star highlights the button I have chosen to track.

Set up a name for this goal. Click  Next when you are happy with the goal you've set-up.

Name Your A/B Test

Once you have defined your goal, create a custom name for your test.


Be sure to place a checkmark in Set up Snapshots! Creating Snapshots based on your AB variants is crucial for future success in AB Testing planning.

Next, make your test live by clicking on Start testing my ideas!

Important Note: You will  NOT be able to edit your variants once the test has started. Review everything before starting the test.

Congratulations! You’ve launched your experiment and now you’re ready to check out the Results page.

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