Create Your First A/B Test

A/B Tests are a great way of pulling everything together.  Taking all the insights from your Snapshot reports and Recordings, to try out ideas and increase conversions on your site.

Creating an A/B Test - Step by Step

Here is a recommended process to help you get started.


Click on A/B Testing along the left-hand side (blue menu).


You are now on the A/B Testing Dashboard.  From here, click on the  + Create New dropdown in the top right-hand corner and choose A/B Test.

If this is your first A/B Test, then you will see a button in the middle of your screen to Create my first A/B Test.


Enter the URL of the page you want to create the test for.


Select the device type that you want to create the test for.  

If you want to create a test for each device type, you will need to create an individual test for each device.  The reason for this is because your page shows differently depending on which device your visitor is using.


Click on the Control button at the bottom of the screen and then choose to  Create a New Variant.   to create one or more variants of your page that you'd like to test. Within the sidebar menu, the Control is always your original page. You CANNOT change the Control. Variant #1 on the hand is the adjusted version. 

The Control version is your original page.  You can create as many variants as you wish by selecting Create New Variant.  Our Crazy Egg Experts recommend that you do one change at a time in your variant.  The reason for this is you will be able to better tell which change was the result of the conversions.  Remember you can always create a variant that combines the individual changes to see if the combination increases the conversions, as well.

In the editor, you can make a number of different changes.  To learn more have a look at this article on our Editor.


Once you have created all the variants you want, click on the Next button.

For more information on changing these settings, please visit What can be Changed in the A/B Test Editor.


Define the goal for the test. 

There are four different goals pre-defined in our A/B testing.  No matter which goal you choose the method to define how the goal is met is the same for all four goal types.


Once you've chosen a goal, you'll need to define how this goal is achieved.                  


You can Save the Goal set up for future A/B Tests.  This is a required field.          


Click the Next button when you are done.          


The review page gives you a chance to Name the Test to something memorable for you.                         

You will NOT be able to edit your variants once the test has started. Review everything before starting the test.


Crazy Egg automatically creates Snapshots for your A/B Tests.  You can choose to not do this by removing the checkmark.

Crazy Egg experts recommend leaving the checkmark.  Finding out why a test passed or failed is as important as knowing which test won.  The Snapshot Reports will tell you this and allow you to compare the variants and control to learn more information.


Click the Start Testing my Ideas button.

Congratulations! You’ve launched your experiment and now you’re ready to check out the Results page.

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