Web Page Not Loading in Editor

Are you having trouble accessing a certain URL in the Editor? You might be seeing an error modal that looks like this:

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having issues loading the page with the Crazy Egg Visual Editor, try the following:

  1. Check that the page loads consistently outside of Crazy Egg. Make sure you can reach the page in your browser, outside of Crazy Egg, multiple times in a row. If the page doesn't load outside of Crazy Egg, it may not load in Crazy Egg either.
  2. Clear your browser cache and cookies, then reload the page.
  3. Ask your Web Administrator to see if the Crazy Egg IP address is on your blacklist. A server may be blocking Crazy Egg. In this type of scenario, ask your Web Administrator to remove the Crazy Egg IP addresses from the blacklist so that Crazy Egg can access the page.
  4. If you have an ad-blocker running, the A/B Testing Visual Editor menu will not show up. You need to disable your ad blocker(s) when you're making edits within the Visual Editor.
  5. We built this A/B Testing tool to work with the latest technology, making tests faster and easier. Unfortunately, Safari doesn't support those technologies just yet (soon!). You'll need to use one of the following supported browsers:
    - Chrome
    - Firefox
    - Opera
    - Microsoft Edge (formerly Internet Explorer)
  6. Typekit is an online service that offers a subscription library of high-quality fonts. Because these fonts are loaded via JavaScript to only previously allowed domains, you'll need to add the domain "crazyeggeditor.com” to the list of allowed domains. This will allow the correct fonts to be loaded within the Crazy Egg Editor.
Note: Crazy Egg does not support A/B tests on gated pages. Gated pages include private pages behind a login, shopping cart pages, intranet pages, checkout pages, and pages behind a firewall. 

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