User Privacy: Masking Elements in Recordings

Privacy matters. We work hard to make sure your data is secure and only available to you. We've built a tool to block sensitive customer information using four different methods: 

  1. Automatically masked elements
  2. Excluding elements with CSS Selectors 
  3. Excluding elements visually without any code
  4. Whole page masking  

How to Exclude Elements in Crazy Egg Recordings with Selectors

To block elements from showing up within Crazy Egg Recordings using selectors, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Recordings.
  2. Click on Recordings Settings > Mask element.

  1. Go to the Mask Elements section.

  1. Click Add Element to create a new exclusion. Input the CSS selector. Optionally, leave a note to remember why this masking rule is important.

Your note will show up in the exclusions list:

We'll automatically save the changes for you. That's it, you're done!

Note: This is the only method to exclude specific elements that sit behind a login page or gated page. However, you can mask entire pages, even those behind a login, using our Page Masking feature below. 

How to Exclude Elements in Crazy Egg Recordings Without any Code

Not sure how to use selectors? We made it super easy to click and block elements from being recorded without any coding knowledge.

For example, let's say I want to exclude the message text field on my blog. Here's how it looks on my blog: 

To mask elements without any code, follow these steps: 

  1. Enter in the URL of the page.

  1. Click on the element on the page.

  1. You will be asked if you're sure. Click on Sounds good to me if you approve.<

The CSS selector you chose will automatically be added to the list of elements that will be masked. 

Page Masking

You can choose to either stop recording a visitor when they reach a specific URL or to skip that URL and then resume recording the visitor once they have moved on to another page. This also works on gated pages and pages behind a login. 

Who can use this feature?

Owners and Managers can select which elements to mask. 

Are there any elements that are automatically masked?

Yes! We automatically exclude the following elements for you:

  1. All text field inputs except for checkboxes and radio buttons (this covers names, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and etc.
  2. All elements with the  "contenteditable" attribute.
'input:not([type])', 'input[type=""]', 'input[type=text]', 'input[type=password]', 'input[type=email]', 'input[type=number]', 'input[type=tel]', 'input[type=range]', 'textarea', '[contenteditable=true]', '[contenteditable=""]'

What happens when Crazy Egg masks an element within a recording?

When you watch a recording and see an element that has been masked, you'll see a gray box over it which means it's blocked. 

Note: Masking is occurring on the client side at the DOM level. The information is masked prior to being sent to our servers.

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