How to Record Specific Pages and URLs with Page Targeting

Crazy Egg gives you the control to track user journeys more precisely by selecting the specific page URL where you want Recordings to begin.

For example, let’s say you are only interested in seeing people go through a checkout flow. Instead of tracking everything on, you can set up Recordings to activate when someone visits

  1. Go to your Recordings dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Choose the site you want to record. Change the toggle to green.
  4. Under Page Targeting, click on Only start recording sessions once visitors land on a specific page.
  5. Enter in the URLs. In our example, we’ll enter in

You can add more pages by clicking on + Add another page. Once people visit a page that matches any of these URLs, Crazy Egg will start recording until the end of their session.

How to format the URL:

Question Answer Example
Do I need to enter put in HTTP or https? No, you do not need to enter in a URL with  HTTP or HTTPS. to track an "About Us" page
Can I use wildcards? Yes, absolutely!* to track all blog articles
Can I use wildcards in subdomains? Yes, this is for all the pros out there! ** to track all pages on

Now that you've set-up the Recordings Settings section, you'll get a clear picture of certain pages or sections that you are optimizing so that you can see your visitors' behaviors.

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