How to Filter User Recordings

The Filters feature allows you to find recordings so you can save time.

Applying a Filter

1. In the Recordings dashboard, click Filters at the top right.

2. Click on Add Condition.

3. Choose a condition. Filters can be set by selecting a condition:

  • Browser
    Date range
    Ad campaign name
    Ad campaign medium
    Ad campaign source
    Ad campaign term
    Ad campaign content
    Number of pages viewed
    Operating system
    Page visited
    Search engine
    User type
    User variable

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for any other fields you want to include in the filter view.

5. Click Apply filters at the bottom of the filters panel.

Saving a Filter

When you create a filter and use it frequently, you can save it for future use.

1. Follow steps #1-5.

2. Click on Save.

3. Name your filter.

Your filter will appear in Saved Filters where only you can see them. You may have up to 10 saved filters.

To delete a saved filter — hover over the name of the saved filter, click on the pencil icon at the very right. Then, click on Delete filter.


The Referrer and Visited Page conditions are able to accept Wildcard patterns within the text field provided.

For example the pattern: /products/*/review

would match paths such as:


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