User Recordings

User Recordings (or Recordings for short) are videos of individual visitors visiting your website.  It's the soul of Crazy Egg.  Recordings will give you an idea of the journey your visitors are taking on your site, how much time it takes them to browse, and any friction points they experience along the way.  Getting started with Recordings is as easy as saying 1 - 2 - 3.

Setting Up Recordings - Step by Step

Here is a recommended process to help you get started.


Click on Recordings along the left-hand side (blue menu)


Click on Settings in the top right-hand corner.


Click on the toggle beside your domain to turn Recordings on.

If you have more than one site (domain) you can select which sites you would like Recordings turned on for.  


Page Targeting lets you choose when a Recording is triggered.

BEST PRACTICE - If you are just starting out and not sure what is happening on your site, our Crazy Egg experts recommend leaving the default setting under Page Target ("Record NO MATTER where visitors land on your site").  This will let you get a great idea of what the most common behavior of your visitors is across your site.

Option 2 - if you want to learn what is happening on a specific page(s) then choose the second option.  This will trigger a recording when a visitor lands on the specific page.  This is great for refining your data analysis and learn more about specific friction points as well as where users go after the page (if anywhere).


There are three  Sampling Rate(s) within Crazy Egg for Recordings.  By default, uniform sampling is set and this will ensure you get an even number of recordings over the entire month.

Consecutive - use this option if you want to learn about something quickly.  For example, if you just launched a new page or element than this sampling rate will allow you to gain insights very quickly.  But our Crazy Egg experts warn not to use all of your monthly Recordings allotment towards this.  50 or 10% of your overall site visit, should be sufficient.  😉

Custom - this is a great option to learn more about your Campaigns.  Over the course of your campaigns, let's say a week, you can sample a higher volume of Recordings.  This allows you to learn and make corrections to your campaigns quickly and accurately.  😊

To learn more about Page and Element Masking, check out the article below on Recordings and User Privacy.

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